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Improved Communication, Greater Control,
Optimum Performance

The CC Bit keeps the mouth soft and receptive, eliminates pinching and mixed signals which stops confusion. Maximum Comfort, Improved Communication, Increased Control, Optimum Performance for horse and rider.

Greater communication between Horse and Rider
CC Horse Bits sit quietly and comfortably in the horse's mouth during work, but when required, deliver a clear signal from the rider.

Highly Recommended for Sensitive Mouths

The CC Bit delivers a clear signal. The Bit avoids placing pressure on the sensitive parts of the mouth, is quiet and comfortable during work, which is very acceptable to the horse. Traditional bits can cause discomfort and pain, and send a broken signal which causes confusion. Common problems which you will be familiar with include pinching of the sensitive parts of the mouth lips and tongue, pressure on the tongue, the nut cracker effect which causes pain to the roof of the mouth and bruising to sides of the bars. CC Horse Bits are acceptable to the softest mouth.

Ideal for Educating or Re-educating Horses

There is no confusion or broken signals. With pressure on both reins the signal is to the top of the bars, encouraging the horse to tuck his chin and flex at the pole. When pulling his head around the signal is to the lower jaw and the horse can not evade the contact. This means you can control even the most stubborn horse with less pressure. As well as providing maximum control whilst preventing injury to the sensitive parts of the horse's mouth, the bit can prevent bitting problems from occurring.

Many Benefits for Horse & Rider

Straightaway you can see some of the advantages of the CC Bit... Great for educating young horses or re-educating older horses, aids in keeping a sensitive receptive mouth on your horse, and by using the CC Bit you can prevent many of the mouthing/bitting problems which you are familiar with from occurring. This makes the CC Bit a valuable piece of horse tack.

"...when the horse is soft the bit stays quiet in the mouth however as soon as the horse tries to evade the jaw control comes into effect giving an instant softening response.
I would recommend this bit to riders in all Equestrian disciplines."

Use The CC Horse Bits For All Work.

The CC Bit is suitable for all disciplines including trail riding, show jumping, eventing, barrel racing, team penning, campdrafting, dressage, driving, reigning, polo, thoroughbred & harness racing.

From pleasure riding to advanced sports - all done with the incredibly versatile CC Bit.

Receptive Horse Bit - Faster Learning Curve

The CC Bit's curved mullen mouth provides tongue relief which makes it very comfortable for the horse. A comfortable Bit plus clear communication creates a faster learning curve for young horses and equally to older horses with mouthing problems. Less pressure is required to signal and control your horse.

A Winning Piece of Horse Tack

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A common bit, horse bits that haven't really changed over the last 100 years, work by the bit being placed in a space behind the front "cutting" teeth and in front of the back "grinding" teeth. This space is known as the "bar". The bit then contacts various part of the mouth (tongue, roof of mouth and bars). The horse will then yield from the area of pressure. If the horse is confused or resists the contact, the bit can be very painful.

Winning with the CC Horse Bit

"Just wanted to let you know that the first horse we ran in the CC Bit WON! This is my "SUPER TOUGH" guy that gallops like a baby in your Bit!"
Marcia, Palmyra PA

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     CC Bit sizes
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   Available Sizes: 4 1/2",  5"
   Material: Stainless Steel

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