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Steve Brady is one of Australia's most respected and requested horsemanship clinicians with 25 years in the horse educating business, starting over 3,000 horses under saddle and also working with problem horses and educating advanced horses for clients.

Steve has given displays with his highly educated horses in all the eastern states since 1985.
*pic opposite taken at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

"I have trialled the Pee Wee Bit extensively at my horsemanship clinics allowing anyone with a fussy mouthed horse to borrow one and use it over 2-3 days. 90% of the people who used it bought one. I found that it really helped horses with tongue over the bit or sucking the tongue back problems, it also either eliminated or greatly reduced grinding and chomping on the bit.

I also found that the bit could be used successfully by average riders, they did not need to be an expert to get good results. It is important for people to understand that most forms of not accepting the bit are caused by either teeth problems or by incorrect training where the pressure on the reins is not making any sense to the horse and frustrating the horse.

The Pee Wee Bit seems to be less invasive in the horses mouth and worries the horse less if the rider is not accurate with rein cues. I have also tried it on horses that were going OK in their normal bit and these horses went equally as well if not better in some cases in the Pee Wee Bit.

If you are not happy with the way your horse is accepting its normal bit I would recommend trialling the Pee Wee Bit but remember that good hands and good training are also important.

For experienced horse trainers working with numbers of horses I am sure the Pee Wee Bit would be a good addition to any stable."
Steve Brady
Byers Crossing, NSW
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